Forced Hot Air Treatments

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  • Certified Wood Packaging For Export

  • International Plant Protection Convention - IPPC
  • International Regulations :

  • The International Plant Protection Convention mandates that wood packaging used in international trade must be treated to guard against the distribution of unwanted pests.
  • Wood Packaging :

  • any type of packaging such as pallets, Boxes, Skids, Crates, Heavy / Light Packaging or Supporting Material (dunnage) made from Raw Wood Materials.
  • Excluded from Wood Packaging Materials :

  • Paper products, products manufactured using heat, glue and/or pressure (plywood, particle board, etc), sawdust, wood wool, shavings and raw wood 6mm or less in thickness
  • Requirement for Wood Packaging for Export :

  • All wood packaging for export (except to the U.S.) must have been made from wood heat treated to a core temperature of 56°C for 30 minutes (either before or after manufacture).
  • Difference Between HT and KD :

    Heat treating (HT) is a pasteurizing process. Kiln dried (KD) is moisture reduction. 
    Your lumber can be HT or HT-KD. Lumber that is just KD is not eligible.

  • Process of Packaging Professional Certify the Packaging :

  • Your supplier will provide their license number in the form of an approved IPPC stamp
    on at least two sides of the packaging. The stamp looks like this:
    XX is the country of origin (India = IN)
    000 is the license number
    YY is the treatment
    (Heat treated = HT)
    (Heat treated dunnage = D-HT)
Forced Hot Air Treatments
Forced Hot Air Treatments
Forced Hot Air Treatments
Forced Hot Air Treatments