Forced Hot Air Treatments

Certified Wood Packaging For Export

International Plant Protection Convention - IPPC

International Regulations

The International Plant Protection Convention mandates that wood packaging used in international trade must be treated to guard against the distribution of unwanted pests.

Wood Packaging

any type of packaging such as pallets, Boxes, Skids, Crates, Heavy / Light Packaging or Supporting Material (dunnage) made from Raw Wood Materials.

Excluded from Wood Packaging Materials

Paper products, products manufactured using heat, glue and/or pressure (plywood, particle board, etc), sawdust, wood wool, shavings and raw wood 6mm or less in thickness

Requirement for Wood Packaging for Export

All wood packaging for export (except to the U.S.) must have been made from wood heat treated to a core temperature of 56°C for 30 minutes (either before or after manufacture).

Difference Between HT and KD

Heat treating (HT) is a pasteurizing process. Kiln dried (KD) is moisture reduction. Your lumber can be HT or HT-KD. Lumber that is just KD is not eligible.

Process of Packaging Professional Certify the Packaging :
  • Your supplier will provide their license number in the form of an approved IPPC stamp
  • on at least two sides of the packaging. The stamp looks like this:
  • XX is the country of origin (India = IN)
  • 000 is the license number
  • YY is the treatment
  • (Heat treated = HT)
  • (Heat treated dunnage = D-HT)