Container Desiccant Strip

Gulmohar Desiccant
  • Gulmohar desiccant is having absorbing capacity more than 200% of its own weight. Where silica gel absorb only 30% of its weight.
  • Gulmohar desiccant is having innovative design allows water vapours to enter the interior of the bag easily, where it is transformed into a thick gel and will not leak, escape or spills (irreversible reaction).
  • In Gulmohar desiccant moisture is retained inside bag & it does not allow to release back to atmosphere.
  • Gulmohar desiccant can be disposed of as normal waste.
  • Gulmohar desiccant is having RoHS compliance
Our Product Range
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  • Continuous Strip Desiccant
  • Gulmohar Cargo Container Desiccant
  • Oxygen Scavenging Sachets