We have done many challenging jobs and completed them within a given time frame for Indian & multinational companies. We are doing packing in COCOÜN WRAP / SECULIN® COVERS


SECULIN® is Multilayer Multiaxis Oriented Cross laminated Film. SECULIN® has puncture resistant & barrier property that does not peel off, shred, crack or cause leak easily. Extremely light weight but stronger. High UV property delivers better crack & weather resistance.


COCOÜN WRAP is very strong yet light weight, flexible and tougher than any other plastic film of same thickness and weight. It is engineered woven extrusion coated fabric that provides protection for all your valuable investments.

Data sheet of COCOÜN WRAP
Sr. No PROPERTIES Orientation Test Method Typical value
1 Finished Weight ( Gram/Sq.Mtr )   ASTM D5261 95 125 200
2 Breaking strength by grab method (Kgf) MD ASTM D751 44 55 85
CD ASTM D751 40 50 80
3 Elongation at break (%) MD ASTM D751 27 23 23
CD ASTM D751 25 24 23
4 Trapozoidal tear strength (Kgf) MD ASTM D 4533 13 15 22
CD ASTM D 4533 11 14 17
5 Bursting strength   ASTM D751 130 150 250
6 Thickness (MM)   ASTM D1777 0.11 0.14 0.23

Excellent application for all your indoor and outdoor requirements of coverings such as machine covers, industrial packaging, fumigation covers, agriculture tarpaulins, truck tarpaulins, wagon covers and much more.

Characteristics / Features
  • High tensile and tear strength ratings
  • offers assurance of 100% waterproofing because of its specialty polymer multilayered extrusion coating
  • It's all weatherproof, with the ability to withstand tough climate extremes
  • Technically designed UV stabilized fabric, withstand long term exposure to the sun and resist radiation.
  • Unaffected by most cleaning chemicals and surfactants, inert to bacteria and mould growth.
  • Exceptionally resilient, the highest strength to weight ratio of any plastic film.
  • Lightweight, Flexible and easy to handle, transport and Use
  • It's totally Recyclable anEco Friendly film
  • Available in 90 GSM, 125 GSM, 200 GSM with standard sizes.
Cocoün Wrap, Seculin
Cocoün Wrap, Seculin
Cocoün Wrap, Seculin
Cocoün Wrap, Seculin
Cocoün Wrap, Seculin
Cocoün Wrap, Seculin
Cocoün Wrap, Seculin
Cocoün Wrap, Seculin
Cocoün Wrap, Seculin
Cocoün Wrap, Seculin